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Richard Barnbrook Becomes BNP’s First Representative on the GLA!

British National Party supporters celebrated all night at the news that Richard Barnbrook had won the party’s first seat on the Greater London Assembly. The breakthrough, described by media observers as the party’s “most significant electoral victory to date” will see the BNP propelled into the very centre of the government of our capital city.

Richar’ds success came after several target areas polled extremely well for the BNP, including more than 12 per cent of the vote in Havering and Redbridge, almost 10 per cent of the vote in City & East, and six per cent in Ealing & Hillingdon.

In the City and East constituency, where Bob Bailey stood as a first-past-the-post candidate, the BNP polled 9.82% of the vote.

Deputy leader Simon Darby, said a seat on the London Assembly was “the icing on the cake”, and the BNP’s “equivalent of getting into the Premiership”.

The victory will undoubtedly send shockwaves through the establishment, and comes in spite of tampering with the ballot boxes, generally hostile media coverage and a huge (and probably illegal) third-party campaign against the BNP, run by the Communist extremish front organisations, working on behalf of the other parties.

The BNP’s breakthrough in London has important implications: it has shown the public at large that the BNP is a credible, electable party, which can achieve representation at all levels of government. The way has now been cleared for further breakthroughs, and the bell has now sounded for the floodgates of popular British opinion to be opened, and sweep away the debris of the old parties.

The full results for the London Assembly election are:-

Assembly representation.

1.Conservative Party 835,535 34.05%
2.The Labour Party 665,443 27.12%
3.Liberal Democrats 275,272 11.22%
4.Green Party 203,465 8.29%
5.British National Party 130,714 5.33%

No Assembly representation.

6.The Christian Choice 70,294 2.86%
7.Abolish the Congestion Charge 63,596 2.59%
8.Respect 59,721 2.43%
9.UK Independence Party 46,617 1.90%
10.English Democrats 25,569 1.04%
11.Left List 22,583 0.92%
12.Unity for Peace & Socialism 6,394 0.26%
13.Independent 3,974 0.16%
14.One London 3,430 0.14%

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