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Mário Machado

To all Comrades and Friends around the world - Mário Machado

Open letter of Mário Machado

Comrades and friends,

We begin to lock one more battle at this war against the democratic system oppressor, from 00.01h of Saturday (15 of September), we started to have in Portugal political prisioners who it were already from 18.April, but with the aggravating circumstance of being in situation of illegal prison.

All of you they could assist for the ways of social communication the release in Friday, day 14.September, of murderers, violators and pedofils, because the law would be applied even to 23.59h of the same day 14h, I, on the contrary of these criminals I stayed in the dungeons of a new inquisition whose face is the attorney of the Public prosecution service, of the 11th Section the Drª. Candida Vilar.

The nationalists never will have to forget this name, since this lady went to person in charge, and not the PJ (despite everything), for the biggest political pursuit of the last 30 years.

The inspector Paul Vaz of the DCCB-PJ told me in the presence of Peter Nogueira and Jóse Amorim that the Drª of the M.P. had been said to him by " ... the Mário has to pay for everything what the my father passed in 'Estado Novo'( New State) ... ". This is grotesque, and it justifies so the primary, pathological and irrational hatred of same.

The attorney is governed by the scorn by the life, dignity and freedom of the human person since this one has patriotic pride.

I wait that my children do not want one day to take revenge also for the whole pursuit that his father and mother were victims during the "democracy".

This type of comments of the Drª. Candida Vilar together with the answer that gave to me personally and in the presence of the same inspector and of his register in the DIAP also healthy quite explanatory of his intentions, when I ask about him which the cause of everything this, same it answers " Mário, we had to do any thing, your movement was very strong. ', amazing.

I was very happy when today the prison policemen told me that all the parallel and perpendicular streets of the prison establishment had posters to say " Mário Machado, Freedom ".

I know also that a group of nationalists is going to launch the project "Outdoor2", in the same molds of the previous one but the subject it is the " Freedom of expression " and " Freedom for political prisoners ". I thank for from now all for the effort office junior and solidarity, and longing for his realization.

Besides the crime of "racial discrimination" that asks for me prison from 1 to 8 years, I am being accuse of more 14 or 15 crimes being that I did not participate in any of them, including the M.P. say clearly, but according to the Attorney of the Inquisition, since I am the leader of the movement, all the crimes practiced by a nationalist, even that I do not know it, have to be held responsible. - is not amazing?

More cunningly the M.P. tells that the Hammerskins profit by the business of the narcotraffic because the attorney (Cândida Vilar) says, one individual with connections to the HSN would have been a bunch in the possession of drug.

Does it fall to me to explain that, anybody, none nationalist of 36 accuseds, is accused of the crime of traffic of drugs, it prays as is obvious if this connection was existing, which was costing besides the barbarities of which we are accused, of they were charging us also for traffic?

The any nationalists have no doubts that never the movement received 1 cash come from these activities that we condemned all, such it cannot already be textativamente affirmed by other political parties.

Following the political reasoning of the M.P., the Socialist Party (PS) also would receive money of the drug, because in the car president
in the height in functions Jorge Sampaio to P.J. found 8 kilos of cocaine and detained his driver and security.

We never saw in the social communication or in the inquiry of the M.P. that the drug was for the PS because as it is I obviate an isolated action of an individual, it does not implicate necessarily others. Continuing this reasoning, we might to say what in the PS abound pedofils that they were doing from the 'Pious House' (orphans' house) his retirement, only because a deputy of the party was already charged by the same crime.
And I can set also the example of the son of the Leonor Beleza, member of the JSD caught with 30 kilos of hashish and etc. etc.

Completely this makes part of the campaign of demonização what is in progress and since it proves the fact of the M.P. to order that for the air, but no accuses nobody - a shame.

On the crime of racial discrimination, it is still curious when it links it is blamed for us and of 12 members of the Hammerskin none is accused of attacking anyone black man, yellow, or blue to the ball, and on the contrary, Is Portugal prepared in order that Robert Mugabe receives "officially" the African who was the person in charge for more of tens thousands of crimes of ???????? and racial discrimination against white, what turned in the expulsion of lands, violations and murders in series, with this the Portuguese government demonstrates his true face, pursue the white in his territory itself and it has not diplomatic courage not to allow the entry of the biggest Racist of the XXI.century.

One more proof of which this is treated essentially as a political process, it is the fact of having apprehended us hundreds of books, thousands of autoskin-tight ones, t-shirts and cd's of music. Our constitution defends the freedom of expression, that none individual can see same threatened right this, as well as the right of access to the free information, therefore these apprehensions are illegal.

The process begins also in June of 2004 with an illegal search, you shear 00.30h where 27 nationalists are identified, doing jurisprudence with other cases where by the same motive 34 individuals connected with the narcotraffic were freed for example. Because second says the law when there is an illegal proceeding the whole process it falls.

In this domiciliary search books were apprehended again, cd's and autoskin-tight, the law says clearly that the search might be effectuated only between them 7h and them 21h... It be what the law to us does not apply?

" The ideas are like the treaties: somewhat costs to secure them with our paint when we are not able to confirm them with a drop of our blood "

Ramalho Ortigão

The sentence never above reproduced did so much felt I eat now, in spite of wanting my return to my family and avoiding to live in this it continues daily war, I am giving my blood, wait what all of you could do the same thing.

I end up also with a gratitude to a Political Enemy, Dr. Pacheco Pereira being a convinced democrat and that disagreeing with our ideals, to never have had fear to condemn the pursuits of which the nationalists or others are victims.

And I leave you a notice of the International Amnesty '... The Internet was made into a new frontier into the struggle against the freedom of thought, with the activists to be prisoners and the enterprises to make a pact with the governments to restrict the access to the free information. '

My honor is called a Loyalty!!!

Mário Rui Valente Machado

Political Prisoner

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